Zhejiang hansheng furniture co., ltd. was founded in 2007, is a focus on furniture production, engaged in furniture export business furniture company. The company mainly produces medium and high-end furniture products, selects high-quality wood raw materials, exports to the United States, Canada, Europe and other countries, to provide high-end professional services for local middle and high income groups.
THE PURSUIT OF DESIGNA Company to innovation as the core of the furniture design principle, has built a experienced and innovative design concepts, professional production team, based on the production of solid wood furniture, design a variety of Chinese elements, with distinctive characteristics, full of fashionable feeling of furniture, and always adhere to the enterprise to choose the best raw materials, all from the company's furniture are well-made, quality first-class, deeply domestic and foreign customers welcome.
CONSTANTLY ADHERE TO THE GOALSCompany since its establishment, in combination with the practical situation of enterprises, has taken so long to finally build the modern enterprise management mode, apply to the company's outstanding leadership team, cooperate with company for the enterprise injected with unparalleled development vigor, the company under the premise of guarantee the product quality, continuous research and development of new products, design a more furniture products, with the characteristic of fashion has become the furniture export companies have a certain influence in the high-end enterprise.


Our Purpose

To serve the society, advance with The Times, to provide more people with a better living environment.

Our Spirit

 Firm, persistent, realistic, innovative and pursuit of excellence and win-win cooperation

Business Philosophy

Quality of survival management efficiency and credibility to promote development

Management Philosophy

People-oriented Institutionalization Standardization

Service Philosophy

Customer first sincere service emotion
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